Let’s Cook Up a Little Help for the Holidays!

Let’s Cook Up a Little Help for the Holidays!

When my son was first born, I began volunteering with a wonderful local organization called Crossroads Connections. I learned about them in our local paper, how they made bags of food for the weekends for children in need. These children are known as “food insecure” children. Having a newborn, the thought of any child going without food about made me sick to my stomach, much less ones that lived within a few miles of me. So I would take Lucas and we would help deliver these food packs to neighboring schools. I fell in love with the program. It wasn’t a big program, it was started by a few people who wanted to make a difference, and they did, and they still do. This Christian based organization started in a lovely couples basement, and they currently feed 90 children a year in 9 local schools.

This Christmas season, I would like to donate 1.00 from every elderberry syrup, kit, and any product affiliate orders I am a part of to Crossroads Connections. If you would like to read my blog post on Elderberry Syrup and its possible usefulness for your family, please click HERE.

For the holiday season I am going to offer special elderberry syrup kits, packaged in pretty Christmas themed ribbon and wrapping that contain the following:

Made by Me “Yummy Syrup”– My son, at 1.5 years old started calling this his “Yummy syrup”. Everyday he asks me for it, which is wonderful because sometimes with the hustle and bustle of life I forget! So my dear friend made this label for me. Coined by my son, made by my friend, I am so blessed. This is syrup made in my kitchen, by me, and my son taste tests every batch I make. If he doesn’t like it I know other kids won’t. It needs to stay refrigerated, but will last up to 4 months in the fridge. 15.00. If you are a repeat elderberry syrup fan, it is 14.50 if you bring your original glass jar back to that I can recycle it.


Partial Kit– Includes everything you need to make roughly 2 pints of elderberry syrup, except for the honey. They come with detailed instructions, all of the dry ingredients, a usage card and a “Yummy Syrup” label for your jar. These are perfect for stocking stuffers or gifts that you want to mail. They will be 12.00 or 15.00 shipped to anywhere in the US.

A Full kit– This will have everything you need to make roughly 2 pints of elderberry syrup from start to finish. It will include all the dry ingredients in a mason jar with a label on it, detailed directions and also exactly enough honey for the recipe in a ½ pint glass jar. I will ship these as well, but adding ½ pound of honey will make it a little more to ship. These will be 20.00 and shipping will be based on your zip code. These are great for a full gift to a friend, new mom, grandmother, teacher, or Sunday school teacher!

Pictured to the right is a full kit, however it will be packaged with green and red ribbon and some sort of fun Christmas cheer, I just haven’t decided on it yet! I will post that when I do though!

I am also an affiliate with eCloth and Murchison-Hume home cleaning products. These are products I love, have used in my home for 4 years now, and stand behind. They have helped me make my home a more safe environment for our family, while also not breaking the bank. I do not sell them out of my home or website, I am just an affiliate. So using my links below, if you place an order, I will get a credit for that. So for each ITEM purchased (not just each individual order) I will donate 1.00.

Stay tuned for a blog post on each of those to understand why I love them so much. I will also do a Facebook live video when I return home so that you can see what I have, how I use it, and why I use these products. They also make amazing Christmas gifts. I will post the links below for each! If before then, you have any questions about them please email me or message me in our facebook group!

If you are reading this and not part of my closed Facebook group called Raising Tiny Healthy Humans (join here), please feel free to join as this is where most people will place orders for their elderberry syrup and kits. The group is for anyone wanting health and nutrition ideas, recipes, or just want to ask a question! You can also email me at raisingtinyhealthyhumans@gmail.com to place an order.

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